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Next to no data reception, unless via wireless. Cell towers not delivering data, just phone calls

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Nexus a year and a half ago.   The first one died after 6 months of use, and was replaced at no cost.   Neither of these phones pick up data (as in web access) very well at all.  Even when I am near a cell tower.   I get phone calls just fine, but rarely can get access to the web, unless connected via home or business wireless.  This works fine as a phone, but  I am not getting my money's worth for the data plan, at all.  I rarely get web access anywhere in the Portland metro area on my Nexus.

I live southwest of Portland, Oregon about 25 miles.  Dundee.  I have cell towers on either side of me within a mile.  But my phone does not pick them up.   Without wireless at home, I'd be sunk as far as surfing the web.    BOTH phones were defective as far as web access is concerned.    When I drive into Portland... at no time can I get data/web.

I wanted to trade this one in for yet another Nexus or the next round up, maybe the Galaxy S series.  But my phone had fallen off my lap and made a small crack in the screen.  Verizon would not take my Nexus because it has a cracked screen, so they can't just clear it off and send it to the next schmuck.  I would have to activate my "insurance" with carries a $100 deductible I'd have to pay, to get yet another Nexus that probably also has a bad antennae and bad web / data reception.   Paying another $100 just to see if a third Nexus sucked... seems fool-hearty.

When I drive around Portland... I rarely get data/ web access.  No matter where I am.  Driving in from where I live on Hwy 99 or I-5... still no data amywhere along the route.  Phone works fine.  Data package, can't get it.   Samsung blames it on bad Verizon coverage, which I doubt.  My friends who have a Moto Razr on Version get data just fine when standing right next to me.  It's the phone folks.  The Samsung Galaxy Nexus stinks.  Don't buy one.  Don't accept one for free.  They are worthless.

So is it just the Nexus that is so worthless and their antennae? or does the whole Samsung lineup have reception problems.  I like the Nexus because it is relatively bloatware free.    But it is a severely crippled handset when it comes to data.  If I can't get data in the middle of an urban area or even in the metro area... it ain't just Verizon's fault.  This phone is a DUD.   Anyone else have this problem?

Re: Next to no data reception, unless via wireless. Cell towers not delivering data, just phone calls

I live south of Boston right off Rt 495 and I can't get a network connection in my house either. Verizon just plain sucks.