Nexus Dropped Calls

In follow-up to a posting by Chris42060 on 9/5/12, I found that Verizon just made the update to Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1.1) available for the Galaxy Nexus, although only through Wi-Fi.  After weeks of the same kind of problem reported by many others with Version 4.0.4 with numerous dropped calls and frequent network disconnects and my conclusion that this was the worst phone I've ever owned, it appears that this update will be helpful.  Although I did the update just this morning, I had no dropped calls or dropped connections at all today, even with just 1 bars of signal strength in a few periods.  The phone does switch from 3G to 4G but does so seamlessly.  The update is Build number JRO030.  It takes 2-4 minutes to download and 7-9 minutes to install.  The ability to switch between LTE/CDMA  and CDMA still exists but doesn't appear to be necessary, at least so far. So, Chris42060 was right on target with his post and there does appear to be light at the end of the Nexus poor performance tunnel!  It was worth the trouble to set up my Nexus to access my home Wi-Fi network.