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Nexus not working and no help from Verizon!

My fiance and I JUST switched to Verizon from T-Mobile on Friday and it has been nothing but a headache ever since. We both got the new Galaxy Nexus but his won't work AT ALL. He's had it for two days and already on his third Nexus. We've tried calling Customer Service....and gotten a different story from everyone. One supervisor even told us that we were just going to have to pay for a different phone altogether! We went back to Best Buy where we'd bought the phones where the guy told us that yes Verizon had admitted to him that there was a problem with the Nexus, they weren't getting service and that the update to fix the problem wouldn't be coming out until at least next month! Of course I talked to two Verizon employees over the phone that denied that but how frustrating!

Every person we talk to gives us a different story.....please tell me we're not the only ones having this problem! 

Re: Nexus not working and no help from Verizon!
Sr. Member

A quick search would've let you know that there are many Nexus owners with signal issues, it isn't a secret. No one knows why select Verizon employees pretend the issues don't exist.

There are also many Nexus owners, like myself, with no issues.

Re: Nexus not working and no help from Verizon!
Customer Support

Heatherlane, it’s always an inconvenience when you’re having issue with your phone so I definitely understand your frustration. But don’t worry because I’m here to help!

Please provide details regarding the issue you are having with the phone so I can further assist you.

John B

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Re: Nexus not working and no help from Verizon!

Dump VZ and go back to T-mo. No VZ employee i have ever spoken with knows what they are talking about. The communities surrounding android know more than they do.  VZ doesn't put in the time or effort to train employees so they can speak with some degree of knowledge.  If the employee doesn't take the time to figure it out they don't get the info.  Also top down communication in VZ is almost non existent.  While the overpaid execs know what is going on they don't bother to inform their employees. 

Re: Nexus not working and no help from Verizon!

You are definitely NOT alone.

This is the worst phone and the worst carrier....EVER!  I have had so many issues with the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and have gotten minimal help from anyone in Verizon. On the phone, they tell me to go the the store and at the store, they tell me to call tech support, and neither one tells the same story. It's like they are working for two different companies. After suffering and putting up with daily removal of battery and SIM-card, I had a 'replacement' sent to me to to have a working device to take with me on my vacation...3000 miles away. Needless to say, it didn't work and it ruined my vacation as I was unable to communicate with anyone by phone, text, email or Facebook; I did not have GPS access and got lost; my hotspot was not working and I wasn't able to have WIFI access when I needed it to drive my computer or IPAD......etc. I was incommunicado for almost a week. I pay a lot of money for this "lack of service", and I use the term loosely.

I'd walk away from this torture, but they have me held in financial hostage until my contract ends. And since I have two lines, it will cost me a fortune to get out. I am sick over this. My little one called me numerous time while I was gone and I never answered or returned her calls [since I never got them]. She was heart-broken and I was devastated.