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Nexus radio work around

Turn  off 4G it does not work properly if you turn it off and just use 3G you will have no issues.

I tunred 4G off w aweek ago i now get full day of battery no issues with dropped or lost calls no SM S issue or emails issues

Apparently Samsung does not know how to fix the Issue look over at the S3 forum they have very similar 4G issues. with the galaxy s3.

S3 forum

Re: Nexus radio work around

I tried this about five months ago. It certainly helps but doesn't totally resolve my problem. Connecting/disconnecting from Bluetooth, WiFi, swapping towers (driving somewhere) exacerbates the problem. If I only use 3G, leave Bluetooth and WiFi turned off and never go anywhere, I might go a week without losing my radios and having to reboot to resolve.

Today, I went into my local Verizon store to see what my options are. All I said was that my radios die and the rep interrupted me, told me that it is a known problem and Google will have a fix soon. He assured me that they were very good at this. I explained to him that this problem has existed for nearly a year and that I had been in about once per month for the past 6 months. In April, they told me 4.0.4 was going to be released in May and that was going to fix it. I finally saw 4.0.4 in June and it didn't fix the issue.  He then told me that there was nothing more that he could do.

So now I'm apparently stuck with a phone that I have to reboot at least once per day for the next year and a half. I don't think we're done here...