Nightmare Porting Number

My plan - sign up, get new sim card, insert card, power on phone, have normal working service

Current state - 3 hours on phone with support over 3 or so calls to simply get phone calls working. 2 hours with online support to get text messaging to work - no luck. Text messaging NOT WORKING

How hard can this possibly be???????

Current Facts:

phone outgoing/incoming calls working

Texting worked fine with previous carrier - never worked yet with verizon

texting anyone - not working 'Your account balance is too low..."

I have unlimited text/phone prepaid $40 Plan paid thru 3/12/21

Incoming text messages from Verizon work - ONLY FROM VERIZON

Last agent opened ticket with 72 hour (laugh) response - NRB000010430570

So far - nothing

Anyone in support out there that can solve this??????????????


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Re: Nightmare Porting Number
Customer Service Rep

Hell there. Sorry to hear about the trouble porting your number in. It can sometimes take a day or two for a port to complete. Are all of your services working now?