No Verizon service whatsoever during Xfinity outage

I had an Xfinity/Comcast outage in my neighborhood,  and during that time none of my Verizon devices had any service. I couldn't call, text, or use data on my phone, my ipad, or using my laptop's Verizon wireless card. And the phone said "emergency calls only" This went on for hours and it happened the last time Comcast went out as well. I had wifi turned off and was only trying to use my Verizon service. What is the connection to a Comcast outage and how can this be fixed. I shouldn't be completely cut off from all communication ever.

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Re: No Verizon service whatsoever during Xfinity outage
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Being without service is never fun, especially when you're experiencing an outage with your home internet service provider. I want to make sure you're set up for success. Are you currently without service now? What zip code are you experiencing this in? What difference did you see when you were outdoors versus indoors?