No call zone in house all of sudden

I have gotten great service for years in our house.  Last week,  all of a sudden, I cannot connect any phone call.  I can still play videos, use data, text, etc....please help! I work from home so huge problem.  Zip code 30265 Ga

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Re: No call zone in house all of sudden
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Is it possible that the services that are working are using WiFi?  Has there been any local physical changes, e.g. construction, trees planted, etc, that might be interferring with the signal from a local tower?  Have you considered trying WiFi calling to see if that works?

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Re: No call zone in house all of sudden
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We definitely want to ensure you always have impeccable service! Is this only happening with your phone calls? How are your text messages? Aside from iMessage, as it would also require mobile data service/Wi-Fi. Is this only happening at home? Do you have internet services at home? We currently have Network Extenders available to help increase the service in your home, all you need is to connect it to a router! For faster assistance, you can reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter (available 24/7). We're eager to hear back from you. MichelleH_VZW