No coverage issue brought to customer service and they said nothing they can do
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I chatted with customer service to report no coverage area. my phone works well at other place except my work place. other colleagues using AT&T and T-mobile and they all have service without wifi connection. when I chatted with customer service I went all troublshooting process and they couldn't fix anything-of course they can't, cause it is coverage issue-. They elevated the issue to 'tier 2 team' and all the thing they said is, "having coverage at any location is ideal, but it is not something that support team can do. It is network engineers who determines the coverage area, so just use wifi and wifi calling to get connected......" It was more than an hour long chat, and this is what I hear at the end. There is nothing Verizon can do...really? my work place is located within the city, and surrounded by big residential area as well. the agent added comment at the end saying "Verizon is in general the best network." Well 'The best network' does not provide service/coverage within the one of big city boundary and residential area, and there is nothing 'The Best network' can do to resolve this issue. Very funny. Now I doubting myself why I spent all my money and time for Verizon for last 17 years. Very disappointed.

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