No data for a week
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My S21 Ultra suddenly lost all data connectivity. No internet, apps, etc. for over a week now. Somehow not a single person at Verizon can fix or figure out the issue. Steps taken taken so far:

1. Confirm mobile data is on.

2. Restart phone.

3. Reset network settings

4. Remove and reinstall SIM.

5. Factory reset phone...

6. Two trips to Verizon stores to replace the SIM.

That was day one of this amazing fun filled week. 

7. Tear two tech ordered the 1st replacement phone.

8. Verizon thought maybe trying a few more SIM cards, nope. 

9. Hmm maybe the replacement phone is broke, let's try another replacement. (Highly doubt that'll work and.... nope)

10. Tear two techs patch me through to the new badass "network team". Nope.

Now we are about four or five days in. I'm destroying my client relations, losing revenue, and losing jobs. This mishap has literally cost me thousands. 

At this point all THREE of my brand new S21Ultra's are basically bricks, I can't even make or receive phone calls. I'm so angry it's causing tension at home, in return causing more stress. 

I'm at a loss and not sure what to do. Store managers, lvl 1 techs, lvl 2 techs, "network work team", customer service, no one can fix their problem.

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