No mobile data on Samsung A10e after moving device from Spectrum to Verizon
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dropped spectrum account and opened Verizon account over a week ago.  Call and text have worked fine since the initial SIM card switch, but after over a week of multiple calls to tech support at Verizon, Spectrum, AND even Samsung, no one has managed to get the internet to connect.  I've spoken to "upper tier" tech people multiple times at all three companies.  Everyone ends up just blaming the other and nothing gets solved.  Best i can figure, I need an MMI code that would possibly finish clearing spectrum off my phone.  I've gone as far as a full factory reset and yet when I go into Network settings, Spectrum remains "locked in" and the feature to remove/add different network operator is disabled.  My best guess is that that has something to do with the issue.... although, keep in mind, TALK and TEXT have worked fine on the Verizon account since I put their SIM card in the phone.  just for some reason, mobile data refuses to connect.  If I try going online, I get a "no data connection" message.  Anyone else experiencing such an issue?  Any solution???  Thanks!!   BTW, I did not bring my old cell # with me. I have a new Cell number from Verizon.  I'm just trying to "BYOD"...and so far it's not working out...

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Re: No mobile data on Samsung A10e after moving device from Spectrum to Verizon
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We would be happy to apply an extra set of eyes to your concern. To allow us to do so properly, please leave us a Private Note here. We look forward to working with you soon!