No network connection

What would cause my Nexus to all of a sudden stop connecting to 3G and 4G data?

Phone calls and WIFI work fine. On latest 4.0.4 radios.

Re: No network connection
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Hello frog856

In a world where people want more from their smartphone, the Galaxy Nexus is the device that does JUST that! With the 1.2GHz processor, it allows the device to take maximum advantage of the 4G LTE network. As your wireless service provider, I am committed to ensure that you are able to experience the amazing power of our 4G LTE network. May I ask what city, state, and zip code are you in? First, I want to check to see if there are any network enhancements being done in your area. Also, can I assume that there isn’t any physical or liquid damage on the phone? Below are a few steps for you to try to improve the data connectivity.

• Check Network Setting to ensure that it is set to LTE/CDMA.
• Verify that Data Roaming is enabled.
• Clear temporary internet files and cookies.
• Power the phone down, remove the sim card for 30 seconds, re-insert the sim and the battery and reboot.
o Note: This process updates the preferred roaming list on the device.

Once you have tried the steps above then please retest to see if the data network connection improves. If it does not then please provide your findings just in case additional assistance is needed. If the issue is resolved then please post what step(s) worked for you as it may help another community member.

Thank you…

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Re: No network connection


Followed the instructions above, now the phone only connects at 3G. And yes 4G is available in my

area, as my daughters Galaxy Nexus gets 4G.

This is not real handy.