No purpose for Secure Setup then?
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Within the Galaxy s8 settings has the ability to do a "Secure Setup".  It sounds cool and all but I think I'm wondering if there is even a point.

What I'm gathering; when you reboot your device if you have "Secure Setup" active you have to use a pattern lock before the device can fully boot up.

Sounds great so far right? Except I don't think it serves a purpose.  Samsung claims our phones are our lives; possibly more important than a wallet and or a purse.  But unless theres a way to remote reboot your Samsung Device....what is the purpose for "Secure Setup"?

Right now I have my Iris to unlock my device. But of course to have Iris you must also have a Pattern Lock (type). My phone is turned on 24-7; but while its "locked" anyone and everyone can easily hit the power button and read any and all notifications that are on my homescreen.   So logically I was trying to find a way to "hide those" by using "Secure Setup" but I kinda perused the web about 'rebooting lost android device' and I saw something along the lines of

"if no one knows your google id and password...then everything is fine; its if they know it; then you're in trouble'  And while I can see you can remote wipe or lock or even change the screen type that still don't help with the notifications

However though as I've said. You can have a ton of notifications streaming all down on your Galaxy s8/s8+ and if you reboot your device one has to undergo a pattern lock before those notifications come back

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Itolman1, we appreciate you reaching out to us with your concern. We want to make sure you get the most out of your new device's features. We recommend reaching out to Samsung Support for more information about your Secure Setup options. You can reach them at,

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