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I have a Samung s10 and constantly losing service and have no data. Replace 4g card then replaced phone all together still have the same problem. My wife has a iPhone 10 with the exact problem and did the same with the 4g card and phone replacement with the same results. Most of this started with about a year ago but got worse when 5g was introduced. Just need to find out what can be done because I do not want switch carriers. I've had Verizon  since '96 (bell telephone then) and love to keep them because living in jersey and working in NYC I've seen all kinds of disasters first hand (9/11-Hurricane Sandy ect.) and always had service.

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Local3god, thank you for the feedback provided and regret to hear you're having this much trouble with your service. Losing you as a customer is the last thing we want here. As this points to an issue with coverage can you please provide an intersection and city of where you experience these service issues? Do you primarily have these issues indoors?