No text/calls when connected to WiFI

Within the last two weeks, my S10 will not receive nor send calls/texts if I am connected to my home wi-fi.  I do NOT have this issue when I am connected to wi-fi anywhere else.

Verizon replaced my sim card, but I still have the problem.  Verizon also advised that I turn on Airplane mode and then turn it off.  Still does not work.

I did have to have my modem at home reset, and I have had this trouble since that time.  In addition, my son, who also has the same type phone, has the same issues within my home.  

Any suggestions??


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Re: No text/calls when connected to WiFI
Customer Service Rep

We understand the importance of being able to use Wi-FI on your devices. Are you having issues connecting other devices to your home Wi-Fi? Have you attempted to unplug your home router and plug it back in?