Not Eco-friendly or customer friendly for phones to come with no basic accessories.
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So my husband's phone came in today. I found out something that is a very new trend with companies claiming it is eco-friendly to have less. 

First off, when you get a new phone, your old phone if the charger is still usable is years old and that means you will need to replace it at some point to get the best charge. Second off not having a charging cord but having a transfer data cord is worse cause now you have to hope your cord has the right speed to charge. Third is not having headphones in the boxes makes it so you have to buy them specially for phones that use the usb-c for literally everything. 

I went back and looked to make sure the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G  did indeed not come with them and I decided to google it. Winds up almost every phone from Samsung, apple and even other companies are claiming this is due to eco friendly.

Please note this is not friendly to the planet. I am not an activist,  but having to get bigger packaged boxes for each accessory for an already overpriced device which indeed will be obsolete in a month or two is kind of not even consumer friendly. If I had the option at the time for his upgrade to get him the S20 I would have done so just so he could get all the needed accessories. 

A perfect example of this is say you get a charging block and cord. Both of those fit in the phone boxes even if its a little bigger and do not need extra packaging like they do sold separately. Same goes for headphones. Now if this is a way to get people to buy them with the phone and was obvious to them they do not come with them then that just loses out on sales for these companies. Most of us will go on amazon and buy the cheapest ones we can. This can indeed lead to problems for many who are unaware of tech. 

USB-C though its a nice and easy design has many many many forms of the same cord. There are data only ones, low charge ones, high charge ones, ones for streaming audio (Headphones), ones for streaming video, and more. The list goes on. This just makes it harder for customers and can indeed make it frustrating for many be it calls that I bet the company gets all the time asking where such things are but people not understanding the tech.  This indeed costs resources and money.

Now I am not gonna be here for a debate but I did want to state this and have a thread for anyone else's feedback to the company about this. I figured this is the least disruptive way of being vocal about the decline of product. 

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