Not Receiving Shortcode Texts
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I have a Note 10+ carried over from an old plan but have had some bumps along the way that don't seem to fit the problem everyone else is having with their short-code problems. I need to get a pin from my old phone account so I can transfer my number seamlessly but I haven't been able to get the verification text from the old account! I am officially a Verizon number holder with Sim card installed (and have my number receiving and sending normal texts as of now) but no short codes are going through and I really need this pin because I have had this number for 10 years and intend to keep it.

I have checked every setting on this phone and in my account and they all say I should be getting this verification text (as well as other shortcode texts) but I just haven't received it yet and I'm stressing that I'll lose this number since I need to end the old account soon. I have been a Verizon customer all of one day and I'm stressed already.


Please help!

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Re: Not Receiving Shortcode Texts
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We know how important it is to receive all of your text messages. We definitely want to get to the bottom of this ASAP! We will be sending you a Private Note, so we can further assist you.