Not happy, s6 edge has to wait for Android 6.0
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I did some quick research. Sam Mobile (dot com) is a website that listed 5 months back that Samsung has been testing out Android 6.0 on Galaxy S6 Edge and Verizon.

And yet its the Note 5 that gets Android 6.0 before us Galaxy S6 edge users?  Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge released back in April 2015. Note 5 was released in August 2015.

I don't understand why!

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We always want you to be happy with us Itolma1. I understand software updates can be exciitng and as a cosumer myself, I understand. I am also waiting on the 6.0 update and hope it comes out. Join me and stay up to date with information being released here: .

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There isn't anything wrong with my device. I'm just saying that I've had the s6 edge since April 2015 and the note recently came out August 2015. I don't understand how they get to have the 6.0 update prior to those that has had the device longer.

Then let alone the fact while I have pre ordered my new phone s7 edge that the Note 5 people gets their update before we even get our new phones. Just lame.  And if there are any note 5 users here; just pretend the tables were reversed.  Smiley Happy

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This has always been how Verizon releases updates to the android phones.  The one that is most recently released gets the update first and then they go down the line until the last supported phone.