Not receiving Wireless Emergency Alerts
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Sitting at home with all the family phones when a Wireless Emergency Alert was received.

Everyone else phone chimed ... except my Samsung s7 (and Galaxy Tab s2 both) currently updated.

I confirmed that the s7 has all emergency settings correctly set.
I was surprised that the Tab s2 doesn't seem to have any emergency settings, though it is not a WiFi only tablet.


Re: Not receiving Wireless Emergency Alerts
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Dr_H, keeping you updated on these alerts can certainly be a matter of life and death. Let's check to ensure that the device location settings are correct. Please go to the Apps, Settings, Location, be certain that this is set to on and under the Locating method, we want to select High Accuracy. This allows the phone to be located so that when an alert is received in a specific area you would receive those alerts.


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Re: Not receiving Wireless Emergency Alerts

I  have the EXACT same issue, I haven't gotten emergency alerts in Months. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, I have all of the settings set correctly AND my Location is set to High Accuracy.

So, please help us figure out WHY we are not receiving Emergency Alerts. I live in Florida and I don't' get Amber Alerts, Presidential Alerts, Weather Alerts, Nada.  I used to get them, but for the past few months I have not.

My Phone is the

Samsung S7,

model Number SM-G930V,

Android version 7,

Build Number NRD90M.G930VVRS4BQH1

Last system update ran on Aug 25th, 2017

Please advise,