Note 10 Update (Forgot Password)
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Hello, My phone updated and now I can't remember the password. I have 4 more attempts before my phone FACTORY RESETS!! Of course this is not what I want.

I still have the PIN & Fingerprint set but have no option to select it.

Answering the below question will dramatically assist me in unlocking my phone. 

1. What are the parameters for the password other than it has to be more than 4 characters and contain a letter - CAN YOU USE THE ! SYMBOL?

2. Is there ANY OTHER WAY TO AVOID this factory reset?

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Re: Note 10 Update (Forgot Password)
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RYDEEZY, if the phone is prompting you for your password and you can't use the correct password there's no other way to avoid the factory reset. The password is usually only letters or numbers. If you still any any assistance going forward please let us know.



- Alan