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We changed from a long time ATT subscriber to Verizon mid December 2019.  We got my son a Samsung Note 10+.  We noticed immediately all incoming calls were going directly to voice mail with out an option to answer.  My son (24) cannot even see that he is getting a call. We have been in to verison twice.  Verizon tells us to contact Samsung.  We contact Samsung.  Samsung tells us to go back to Verizon and get a new phone.  Back to Verizon to get a replacement.  Same thing happens.  Verizon then tells my son to call some random network provider that switches the service.  So far Verizon you are not holding up to your customer service reputation. Any recommendations besides leaving Verizon?

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Re: Note 10+
Customer Service Rep

It is important to ensure that all calls are received, Kristig0404. We are here to work toward a resolution. Is your son able to make calls and use all other services on the phone? Does the problem happen in certain locations? What does the caller hear when they call your son?