Note 4 5.1.1. What is going on Verizon?!
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Throughout the last couple of weeks I've spoken with numerous c/s reps and department heads at Samsung and Google and BOTH companies say that the update has been turned over to Verizon and the delay is strictly on the Verizon end. Verizon, you have got a lot of explaining to do. This is unacceptable. Just a few weeks ago your CEO stated in defense of your high prices that "you can't put a price on reliability". What reliability? There is [removed] sure no reliability in Verizon keep our devices updated and running properly. Not long ago where I live, in the Tennessee Valley, there was a complete Verizon wireless blackout. So explain to me again what this reliability is that you speak of.

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I'd have to say that Verizon's support, compared to the other US carriers and their roll out schedules, specifically for Samsung smartphones (as I've had the Galaxy Fascinate, DROID Charge, S3, Note 3 and now Note 4) is pretty slow. All of these listed phones were almost always dead last to receive an android software update (maybe once or twice we'd get it 2nd or 3rd out of the big 4 US carriers), usually at least a couple of months after the last of the 3 other large US carrier updates finished rolling out, even the smaller US carriers sometimes managed to roll out updates faster to their Samsung smartphones. If you look at a phone like the Moto X Pure, it's getting Android Marshmallow within a reasonable time frame of 2 months after it rolled out to the Nexus line and it's rolling out on all 4 major US carriers right now, only 1 US carrier released it a day after the other 3. Let's get us some 5.1.1 on our Note 4 (the 5.0.1 base we're still on is over a year old from when Google released it)! It's been slightly over 4 months now since 5.1.1 first pushed out OTA on a US carrier, 2 months since the second US carrier pushed it out OTA and a week and a half ago since the other US carrier pushed it out!