Note 8, No Voicemail
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I just switched to Verizon on Black Friday, after being with Sprint for 20 years.

I had two unlocked phones and bought two news Galaxy s10.

My brand-new Unlocked Note 8, has no voicemail icon or app, after spending several hours with tech support, and level 2 support being on hold, they told me that since my phone is not a Verizon phone, I cannot get the app for the Verizon visual voicemail,

When you go to the app store, you see voicemail app for all other carriers EXCEPT VERIZON.
This is extremely disappointing, and I am going to cancel my services, Verizon is all about promoting their coverage, which has been good, but as far as customer service they score a BIG ZERO with me, I am planning to publish this online, so others would not be in the same situation as me.

It is almost 2020, how can Verizon not have fixed this issue by now? Absolutely unacceptable to force you to buy one of their phones in order to have the most basic feature of voicemail.
All Verizon must do, is to create the voicemail App in the App store, like all others.

A lot of people are buying unlocked phones now days since there are no free phones etc.  why is Verizon doing this?

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Re: Note 8, No Voicemail
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Adelsells, we are saddened to hear that your transition has not been smooth. The last thing that we would wish is to lose you now that you are hear. While phones may be unlocked and capable of service on our network, we can never guarantee full compatibility with the network. I am certainly happy to lift your feedback up specifically regarding a Verizon Wireless app for Voicemail that would assist in the future and are always happy to explore alternate options for your device or line. Have you successfully been able to access the voicemail by dialing *86 from the phone, to access the messages?


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