Note 9 PIN Changed

Strange thing happened this morning. I woke up and went to access my VZN Note 9 and my PIN code would not work. I have not changed it and it's been the same since I got it in September. The Biometric scanning allowed me to access the phone, but I could not do anything that needs the PIN. I checked for system updates and sure enough there was a "security patch" update #9 dated 3/29/19. Well I know if I restart the device it will require a PIN to access it again. So I backed it up, twice, and then let the system update install since I read that sometimes when people restarted that the PIN started working again. Well, wanted whatever the magically changed PIN was to be entered. At that point I had given up and started entering random codes to see if anything would work knowing that when I hit 10 attempts it would reset the phone. About 7 or 8 tried into it, I put the original PIN in and all of a sudden if fudging worked. I thought maybe there was a app with an update last night that took administrator access and went all rogue, but I don't see anything that really could/would do that. Anyone else experience this?

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Re: Note 9 PIN Changed
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I must agree that this is strange Mikekuhl1965. We would never want your device not being able to recognize your own PIN. I am glad to hear that it is working again. I wish I knew what happened. There are 3rd party application from the Play Store that you can provide permission to make changes on your device. I would recommend uninstalling the latest apps. There is no way to determine which apps may have caused this. I hope this helps.

Re: Note 9 PIN Changed

a good practice is to remove any security, pin, swipe, biometric, etc before doing the update.