Note 9 powering down by itself

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on July 12, 2019 and I was having problems to where when I talked my voice was muffled, calls was not coming though and whenever I received an incoming cvall the option to answer is greyed out. Verizon tried all kinds of diagnostics, resets and trouble shoot but the end result was a new sim card. I inserted the card and was still having problems off and on. Last week it I called Verizon again and went through the process again of trouble shooting the phone I told the rep I have not been pleased with the phone from the beginning so they sent me out another phone. I received the phone on Thursday  Dec. 12 a refurbished phone and today Dec. 19 the phone is not is continously powering off. I called Verizon Customer Service and was advised that they could not send me a new phone due to them not being in stock that I would need to call Samsung to get a new Note 9 and they could send me a refurbished Note 9. 

I called Samsung like requested by Verizon rep which was the Manager this time only to find out that the warranty for the refurbished they sent me on Thursday was out of the warranty date and they will not issue out a new phone they only repair you old phone. The Manager told me the refurbished phone the previous owner had it only 2 days which turned out not to be true. 

I a very disappointed and not satisfied with Verizon customer service I was better off with my old Note 5 before upgrading because I did  not have all these problems. The phone cost 1100.00 and this is the 2nd phone Verizon has given me and i'm still having probems.

Not a happy customer

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Re: Note 9 powering down by itself
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Providing you with superior service is the number one priority here at Verizon Wireless. We are concerned to hear that you are having trouble with your phone, but we will work to get this resolved for you as we can tell that you've been through a lot. On the most recent phone, does it power off at random or will the phone not even stay on long enough for anything?