Note7: What does Verizon expect?
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Look Verizon,

Ive been with you since you began.  I stuck with you despite unethical and unilateral reversal of unlimited data access (costs me several hundred a month!)...basically ypu lied and rhen nefarioualy stole.

I stayed with you despite being hard sold, basically worthless first generstion tablets attached to 2 year comtracts.

I stayed with you when my wife died a month after purchasing a new iPhone for her, with a 2 year contract.

Ive stsyed, and followed advice from well intentioned customer sales representstives only to experience purchase of bullshit items.

I stsyed despite you consistently, on a yearly basis, defsulting to not accept auto pay transactions, resulting in late fines.

I remained, mostly because its so damn hard to change carriers and continue living mobile as I do.

I remained despite prior fsulyy products immediately after service to discover thsf the "new replacement" was actually a refurbished phone with the same problem, and then pay a hundred bucks to get that one exchanged.

When I go to buy a new phone, as the S6 basically never performed, you refused to credit me and then created a new 3rd account with a 2 year contract.

[Removed] am I suppoaed to do wirh a uaeless S6 and 3rd account as a widowed and disabled man.

I built my business with Verizon.  I took risk with you.  And now retired, disabled and widowed you eacalate further expenses, hassles and demands.

Thos osnt juat a Samsung problem.  This is as much a Verizon problem, too.

3 years ago I had roughly a $150 a month plan, unlimoted data and one account.  You ultimately acknowledged the impropriety og billing a dead person, and eliminated the acxount, but nlt before six.months of an extra $150/month.

Now, i have 3 accounts, a "nonworking"  S6 supplied by you and then refused to facilitate me obtaining a working phone.

Imstead, when its presented to me at the Verizon store that Im purchasing a workong phone to use on my exiatong account, I find Ive actually been set up wirh a new 3rd account.

My firat bill was $800.  Its been over $400 dollars a month aince then.

And all of this achieved by "customer agreement".

Im a retired medixal school professor, a physicoan.  Im able to absorb and process large amounts of disparate and complex information.  There isnt a problem wirh my cognition or my thought processing.

In my case there ia a well documented and multi year consistent evolution of Verizon not honoring its agreements, unilaterally mpdofyong contracts, obstructing access to decision makers, intentional interruption of any chain pf accountability and most of all, your receipt of my money tripling while declining ability to act upon advertised and written policy and procedures.

Ive now got an S7.Note. I purchased accessories specific to the Galaxy Note 7.  You just sent me a second email "documenting" my lack of "safe and responsible' return of equipment.

[Removed] ?  Yes, I am considered disabled, but not stupid.  I therefore had my representstive experience the same kind of insulting and ineffectice problem solvimg despite me now having more thsn double the monthly payment with less service and now, no usable product.

I dont trust you.  Youve made this such a hassle that I absolutely consider your business practices fraudulent and deliberate.  Ive not considered such a flagrant and predatory practice could actually exist.  Yet it does.

Youre blaming your customer.  Youre liability shifting and not csre sharing.  There is no collective corporate memory or honor.  I am considering federal legal action under the ADA act.

Will you reach out?  All what I say is in your records.  Verify it yourself and then decide:  are you ethical or are you predatory?

am committed to escalation quite frankly.  I believe you behave criminally.  And I believe ypu retaliate.

Daniel [Removed], MD

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Re: Note7: WTF does Verizon expect
Verizon Employee

ddibon, I would be just as deeply concerned with all that has taken place. We'd like to help review all that has taken, and assist with your Note 7 device if you are still in need of assistance with an exchange. When you have a moment, please follow my handle by hovering your mouse over my avatar. This way you are able to send me a direct message for further assistance.
You may also reach out to customer service for further assistance if you prefer at: 1-800-922-0204. Thank you, ddibon. We look forward to assisting.


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