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It has been 3 months of Note7 madness and I still haven't received my MONEY back yet!! I have done everything I needed to do But I still haven't gotten a my down payment and my accessories refund yet. I have reverted back to my old phone until I get made whole from the Note7. I am still paying my phone bill every month as I always have. I am tired of the run around about MY MONEY that is owed to me. I'm just wondering how long does it take to give it to me. I am sooooo disappointed in Verizon right now!!!! I just want my Money it ben too long

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I'm having the same problem. I've been waiting for my bill credit since early November. Not only is there no credit, Verizon is claiming that they have no record of my Note 7 coming back to them. No refund for me, I'm out over $850 and cannot wait to cancel my Verizon account. I'll be writing to the BBB and the Attorney General this week.