Note8 (unlocked) - Verizon Prepaid - SIM and Phone not paired

Purchased Note8 directly from Samsung Jan 2018 and used on Verizon Prepaid network with access to all features till about May of 2019.  Now phone works however I can't make changes to my account online, or access the app, add Travel Pass, it says SIM Card and Phone are not paired on website and app.  I understand that as an unlocked phone it may not have access to all features but phone is performing poorly on Verizon network.  Corp stores refuse to help pre-paid customer.  One rep says you need a new SIM (already got one, issues remain), and another rep says that Samsung must not have reported my IMEI # to Verizon so my phone is not compatibile with network.  Online checker says "Note8 is no longer compatibile with network, would you like to upgrade to a newer device?"

What is going on here?

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