Notification sounds and system sounds not working - S21 on Verizon
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The notification sounds and system sounds on my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G do not work, UNLESS other media is playing at the same time.

I have taken my phone to the Verizon store, Samsung chat support online (since they have no stores you can go into for help), and UBreakIFix (authorized repair center that Samsung support directed me to) and neither of the three could figure out the issue with my phone. All notification settings have been quadruple checked and network settings reset, and the phone factory reset and ran in safe mode multiple times and the problem persists. I've tried all of the suggested fixes from other forum posts and articles etc...

The only time system sounds (keyboard/tap clicks) and notification sounds worked was the very first few taps after I factory reset the phone, and if I have media (music, videos, etc) playing at the same time. This has got to be some sort of glitch in the software, which the UBreakIFix tech believed to be caused by a verizon or samsung preinstalled app on the phone (since the problem persists while in safe mode) or the operating system. SOMEONE in the Samsung Galaxy development team or Verizon team has to be aware of this problem (as Google searches has found I'm not the only one experiencing it) and do something about it. 

If there is no resolution to this issue and neither Samsung or Verizon will acknowledge it and do something about it, then I have 1 week left to return this S21 (2ND returned S21 in two months due to issues!!) and I'm buying an iPhone and will never look back at a Samsung phone again. 


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 

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Re: Notification sounds and system sounds not working - S21 on Verizon
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Chenningsen15, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Making sure your device's audio is working correctly is important. We appreciate the steps you have taken already. There are currently no known issues for this concern. We can review your options to receive a warranty replacement or if you are within the 30-day return window, you will have the option to process an exchange for the device for a different model.