Notification sounds but no notification

No matter what I try, my phone just keeps making notification sounds over and over and over again.


I have turned off notifications reminders, reset notifications to default, reset all app settings, restarted the phone, checked all notifications for any apps I don't want on are set to off, etc.


No matter what I do, the phone just keeps making notification sounds, but nothing is appearing in my notification bar. This is driving me absolutely nuts!

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Re: Notification sounds but no notification
Customer Service Rep

Just1momof3, thanks for all your efforts in attempting to correct this false notification issue with your Samsung Galaxy phone. We can see how this can be annoying to deal with to say the least. We'll work together to get this corrected. What's the exact model Samsung phone that you have? Do you recall if this became an issue after any recent software update?


Let's start by performing a Reset Settings on the phone itself. Performing this step resets all system settings (e.g., ringtones, sound settings, display settings, etc.) back to their default values. The link attached will walk you through this step, please keep us posted on any changes.