Notification volume & charging display
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I recently had to replace my Note 10 Ultra 5G display.  Ever since when I charge the phone the percentage of battery life no longer displays at the bottom.  Any way to get that back?

ALSO, and the most annoying is my notification volume keeps going up to 80% (or so it looks) as if that is a default setting.  The thing is so loud my neighbors could hear it.  I keep putting it down to its minimum setting (which is still loud) but it never stays there.  How I can if keep it there and or change that default setting it keeps going up to?

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Re: Notification volume & charging display
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Device concerns are never fun. Our goal is to help. Do you see the battery life displayed anywhere on the phone? I'd like for you to restart in Safe Mode and advise us of any new results with the notification volume . -Corey