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 Does anyone have the remotest idea of how you actually get a human on chat. The digital assistant is about as useful as my dog. 

Also, is it standard now that when you sign with your user ID and password you get the next screen "just to verify it's you" (who else would it be....some stranger who wants to pay my bill!). You have to request a code and it never comes so you can't access your account to buy more data.

We have been with verizon for over 25 years and of all the companies we deal with every month for bills and services Verizon is by far the absolute worst. It's just time to go somewhere else. Everyone we know has.

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Re: Online Chat
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During online chat, try typing 'agent'.

It might be some stranger trying to order phones or other things on your account.

Sometimes when you log in using a different device or saved device information is purged, this 'just to verify this is you' security check is presented.

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...
Re: Online Chat
Customer Service Rep

We appreciate your business and your loyalty for every second of the 25 years that you have been our customer. I am so sorry that you have been having so many issues trying to get a hold of us! We are always here and ready to help in any way that we can. I can absolutely understand your frustration surrounding the additional security that we have placed on customer accounts when they are accessed from an unrecognized device. You may think that something like that is silly, but we are trying to prevent fraud in the form of device purchasing via account billing which is a very real issue. I am elated that you have never had to personally deal with this, but we would rather have a difficult identification system then have you, our beloved customer, experience identity theft, fraud, police reports, and all the other headaches that occur with an informal login setup.

I would also be happy to help answer your billing questions, in order to do so we can meet in Private Message here within the community or you can reach out to us by clicking on one of these methods of contact:


I'll send you a Private Message as well just in case you would rather ask me your billing questions there, okay?