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I ordered a phone on February 14th and had the order cancelled. I was told that they would place a new order for the phone immediately but they upgraded the incorrect line and then stopped responding to me. I tried to re-order myself but it said that I had an order processing and would not allow me to order a new phone. Now it has been almost two weeks and the promotion I originally had locked in is over and customer service will not honor the promotion even though I was assured numerous times just to wait for the cancellation to process and then they would honor it. Now I am not only stuck without a device but I am losing over $500 in credit. Has this happened to anyone else or is there a number I can call where someone will actually help me and not just hang up or transfer the line when they can't figure it out?

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Re: Order Wont Cancel
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Hello ts41. We know the importance of ensuring that you receive the assistance that you need for canceled orders. Our sincere apologies that your concerns were not addressed to your satisfaction. If you are still in need of assistance with your account, please send us a Private Note so we can look into this for you. -Tanisha