Outage coastal NC?

Is there an Internet outage in coastal NC?  My S7 dropped to the extended network about 30 minutes ago. 

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Re: Outage coastal NC?
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn that your Galaxy S7 went to extended network mode on Wednesday (3/13/20180), jm3x. We can help and we want you to always get the best possible wireless service experience. While several factors outside of our control (http://spr.ly/6607EkGFU) can impact wireless signal and the service can change to extended mode at any time, we'll be happy to troubleshoot (http://spr.ly/6600EkGFs) and explore ways to improve your service if you continue to have service issues.


Is your phone still connected in extended network mode (which is normal normal if some factors outside of our control impact the signal)?

If it is in extended mode, what specific service issues are you experiencing?



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