Outgoing email won't send.

Since the latest software update, my email responses aren't sending unless I force stop the email app, then return to it. The message states the email will send when I'm connected to a network, but I am connected.  Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks 

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Re: Outgoing email won't send.

delete & reinstall email account automatically, not manually.

Re: Outgoing email won't send.
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Michnaper, we are truly sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue since the update. Your messages are important and we do want them to send smoothly. You mentioned that you receive an error message to connect, is the phone connected to Wi-Fi when attempting to send these messages? What type of email account is this happening with? Are you receiving emails without error? The suggestion to delete and add your account is a great place to start whenever experiencing issues sending or receiving emails. Once the email account has been added back to the phone please let us know if the issue continues.


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