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Phone - Answeing calls intermittently fails

Everything is great about this phone except the phone.


Having problems with the phone app seeming to lock when I try to answer a call


Case 1 - phone is on but locked, call comes in, I get the green answer >>>   <<< red ignore thing

even when I get the phone unlocked with the green button the call is not answered


Case 2 - phone is on and active, not locked, call comes in - press the Answer button - nothing happens - press it repeatedly - still nothing happens - call goes to vm  and phone goes to home screen, and the Phone button/app will not activate. Had to turn phone off completely and restart. Seems like phone app just froze.


Is this a known bug? Is there a fix?


Re: Phone - Answeing calls intermittently fails

Try powering down, pulling/reinserting the battery, then powering back up.  Works for a lot of things.