Phone Can't Make Calls to Several of My contacts
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In the last 24 hours I have been unable to reach several of my contacts who are ATT customers.  I can send and receive text messages from them and they can call me.  My husband and I are on the same plan and he can call all of these contacts with no issue at all.  To make this more frustrating, there are several contacts I have that are ATT and I CAN call them.  Not everyone is within the same area, they are all across California.

I have contacted Verizon Tech Support and have spent overall 6 hours with them troubleshooting my device.  We have re-set network settings and everything else you can think of with the exception restoring to factory settings.  All the Tech Support people at Verizon and the Tier 2 Support people said there is nothing wrong with my phone.  The case was escalated to Tier 2 Network tech support and there solution was to have all my contacts call ATT and file trouble tickets because I can't call them.  

I am beyond frustrated, I have even tried some things on these forums with no luck.  I would appreciate any help at all.  


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