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Recently my S9 phone stopped taking a charge using a cable connection.  I went to Verizon and they said I could replace the phone with a like-new used phone thanks to my phone insurance program.  I didn't like the idea they would replace my almost new phone for a used phone.   Not to mention I pay a monthly fee for insurance and the phone is less than a year old.  I have also been a customer for approaching 20-years and I pay for 5 lines with an unlimited data plan.  So, I mention the phone is less than a year old and ask about a warranty on the phone it's self.  The customer service Dude said I could call Samsung and see what they would do.  Gee thanks!

I called Samsung and they were happy to have me send them the phone and fix it, but I need a phone in the meantime to navigate my life.  They suggested I go to Verizon and ask them to provide me a phone to use while mine gets fixed.  That seems fair.  I went to Verizon and they won't let me use a phone, but they are happy to trade mine for a like-new used phone because of my insurance plan.  The idea still doesn't sit right with me.  

I think AAA car insurance has established a standard I prefer.  Does anyone have any experience with Sprint or AT&T?  I wonder how they treat their customers in general and how well they stand behind the products they sell.  I wonder what their insurance policies cover and if they actually care about customer experiences.  I wonder if I expect too much from my nearly $300 a month Verizon bill and if I should simply bear up and accept the phone industry is another example of a soulless industry.  I suspect the latter is the case, but if anyone has experience with other phone companies that stand behind their products please let me know.  Thanks! 

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wireless charging works well for about $60.

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We are receptive to your feedback, VerizonDevotee, and we we don’t want you leaving.  I understand that all the troubleshooting has boiled down to the option of either Verizon Wireless sending a Certified Like-New Replacement or Samsung repairing the device.
I definitely understand the significant role our devices play in day-to-day life, this is why Verizon Wireless acts as the go-between and works with Samsung’s repairs so that are customers do not have to be without their device.

Here’s addition information about our Certified Like-New Replacement. I hope this is beneficial.