Phone Was Stolen; Rooted - Suggestions?

When my replacement phone was placed on my doorstep, it was stolen, rooted, then placed back how it was on my doorstep, I uprooted it, but do not have access to undo the hijacking of my phone. What comes up on my phone is now being sent to another device via mobil data. Before finding out, my passwords, contacts, etc is compromised .

Before it is fixed, I will need a list of the files I was denied access as well as ip address or mac address of device it's being sent to to assist in criminal investigation. Then I need for this phone to be reset back to factory settings without any apps that I dont NEED, even after the permissions fix. Would like to be able to send it in to be repaired, as now my location is being monitored by criminals and all they have to do is restart the weather app to turn on location. It won't let me disable or clear the cache on that and many apps. There may even be hidden apps I dont have access to removed as well, and list, and data in the files I wasnt able to delete, as I'm assuming instructions on what device or who's credentials to send the data to may be in those files. That info is crucial to investigation. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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