Phone color not correct on account
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TLDR: My account says my current pigging is a BLACK S10+ but its NOT! It's Prism BLUE.

So frustrated. Trying to upgrade my phone but the phone on my account is the wrong color. I paid off this phone and brought it with me to Verizon last year. This is the only phone I've had. Has never been serviced. It's Prism Blue but my account says it's black. Wasted over 4 hours going through the awful chats, with 5 (?) different people only to hear,  "it's a glitch" and there's nothing they can do. So instead of figuring out the problem they say: tough luck.

I want to upgrade but I'm not trading in my phone since it doesn't match what's on my account. IMEI matchs but since the color doesn't match my account I'm not risking them saying it's not the correct phone that I'm upgrading. How can they just waste hours of time with no real solution!

I'm not risking getting hit with fees and not getting the proper value. I might just switch carriers at this point. Can't troubleshoot one problem? #Frustrating #Glitch #account


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Re: Phone color not correct on account
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I'm sorry to read about the issue with your device details,I understand the importance of your account has the correct information, I will send you a private note to better assist you.


Re: Phone color not correct on account
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I would suggest going to your local Verizon store and have them help you walk thru the issues in person then waste any more time on here, with Verizon reps thru chat, and/or even trying to speak with a rep. over the phone.  Just saying....

Salty... Oh, yes I am!!