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Phone not charging and smelled like burning

My phone was charging in the car and began to overheat and then smelled like burning. I took the battery out, charged again. I repeated this several times. At this point the phone won't charge at all (phone, wall, etc). and it is dead. The phone is not under warranty AND my upgrades are effective until August. Anyone have a solution?

I went to a Verizon store and they could not help me. They agreed, that it smells like something was burning and they saw the charred marks inside the charging port. I know it is the phone and not the battery.

I am concerned that the phone overheated to the point where it is fried. UGH! Such an expensive phone to not work anymore! HELP!

Thanks for help anyone!

Re: Phone not charging and smelled like burning
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The options you have is get a phone from third party such as ebay, amazon, craigslist, or get a certified pre owned phone from verizon. Other than that the earliest you could get an upgrade and it would depend on how long you've been a customer and on your billing history they usualy do 30 days before your upgrade eligibility date, also to get early upgrade call customer care stores hardly ever do early upgrades and if they do they usually do no more than 2 weeks before your eligibility date.

Re: Phone not charging and smelled like burning
Customer Support

Hey courtsyrah!

Holy smokes! An overheating phone is a dangerous phone so coming up with options to remedy this situation is what we want to look at.

Right off the bat, I'm terribly sorry about what happened with the device. Though you don't have an upgrade available and it's not under warranty, there are other routes to take. One is via our Certified Pre-Owned program . Those devices are month to month so you will not extend your current contract nor do you get penalized for getting a new device. Or you can also purchase a phone via a third party. And though you mentioned you no longer are covered under warranty, may I ask if you have insurance ? We want you in a properly working device ASAP and I hope this all helps.


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Re: Phone not charging and smelled like burning
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Thanks for saying what already has been said in my comment...