Phone switches to wrong date.

My Galaxy Note 10 keeps changing to an incorrect date (in October), although the time stays correct.  I have it set to automatic date and time.  When the date switches, I can no longer use my wifi, and text messages sometimes don't display (although they are sent).  I'm not sure what the issue is.  If I disconnect and reconnect to the wifi the problem fixes itself, but only temporarily (sometimes it works for a few hours, sometimes only a few minutes).


I've tried rebooting the phone, resetting the network settings, resetting all of my settings, and removing and then reinserting the SIM card, but the problem persists.  This issue has been happening over the past few days, although I haven't downloaded any new 3rd party apps lately.  Any suggestions?

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We want to make sure the date is displaying correctly at all times, Uncanny_Dodge. We just need some additional details. What software version are you running on your Galaxy Note10? Does this issue occur when you're not connected to Wi-Fi but LTE only? If you turn off Automatic date & time, does the issue persist when the date and time is set manually?