Phone turning off and vibrating

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 that I just got a few weeks ago. Recently, out of nowhere my phone powered off and will not turn back on. However, while it is off it will vibrate constantly every 30ish seconds. When I try to reboot it (holding the power and volume down button for 10 seconds), it does nothing and continues to vibrate over and over. I tried plugging it up and then it powered itself back on after a few hours after giving me a "booting up" screen asking if I wanted to soft reboot or factory reset it and after soft rebooting it, it was working normally. Now, the next day a few hours later it has just randomly done it again.


My last water damaged phone did this after I removed its SIM card (would not turn on and vibrated constantly every 30 seconds until its battery finally died). This phone hasn't been water damaged or received any other damage (I don't think) but it is still doing this. I'm concerned because this is what my damaged S9 did before it wouldn't work again, but I just got this new S9 and I'm afraid its fixing to do the same thing again. Any advice?

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Re: Phone turning off and vibrating
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Thanks for reaching out to us about this, juleiscool1. I totally under how you feel. Our goal is always for you to have a working phone. I am more than happy to help in any way possible. Please respond to this private note. -Dia