Phone won't vibrate with texts after Android Pie update
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Just updated my Galaxy S9 last night, and all my sound settings were factory reset.  I am extremely unhappy about having to go in and change all of them.  Furthermore, my phone will no longer vibrate when I receive a text.  I have tried changing various settings to get this to work, and nothing helps.  I am so frustrated with this update and there is no way for me to system restore back to the previous update or even the one before that (before all my icons changed and look stupid).  How do I get text message notifications to vibrate ONLY without sound??????????????????????

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Re: Phone won't vibrate with texts after Android Pie update
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Having your phone vibrate when you receive a text or any notification is very important Seraangel. I'm sorry you're having issues with this feature and other settings since the last software update. Software updates are meant to enhance your phone and correct any minor issues. We never want you to be frustrated. Are you using the stock text application or Message+ application?


Lets confirm the setting changes to update the notification sounds on your phone. Select Messages > tap menu icon > tap settings > tap notifications > tap show notifications switch to turn on > Tap either general notifications > Select any of following to configure Notification Style , Sound, Vibrate , App icon badges , Lock screen or Ignore do not disturb. The above steps will allow you to update the notifications sounds on your phone. 


Let me know if this information is helpful? 


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