Phone wont send pictures/gif on wifi


  I have had this issue for about 6 months now. I have poor reception/no reception in most of my home. I use wifi calling and have no issue sending text messages or making and receiving calls. 

Outside of the home everything works great.

I have a Samsung S21 + and have the issue of not being able to send gifs or pictures 99/100 times when in my home. It wont send unless I disconnect wifi and go outside to receive a cell signal. I have tried every "fix" I can find online. Developer tools and turning mobile network always on... clear cache ... redo wifi calling initial set up... etc......


ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I work alot from home and need to be able to send pictures from my phone.


thanks in advance! 

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Re: Phone wont send pictures/gif on wifi
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Hello! My name is Antonio and I hope that you are having a great holiday weekend. I also appreciate the excellent opportunity to be of assistance via this channel, kennymills1985. We want your messages to work as intended while connected to WiFi. What messaging application do you use?