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Please help! Phone refusing extended battery


Last week, an operating system update got pushed to my phone, and now the Samsung extended battery I had been using for months is not being recognized and is unusable. When I attempt to charge it, the phone gives me an error message saying the battery is unsupported and therefore it won't charge. I am using the original battery that came with the phone now, but it doesn't last much more than 5 hours without a charge, and carrying a charger around all the time isn't great. I guess my only option is to either by a second battery and a device to charge two at once (though I hate to put more money into the phone since I'm eligible for an upgrade and will give it up once iPhone 5 comes around, if not before), or to root it. I'm hesitant to do that though - I've never attempted anything like that. If anyone is having the same experience or has any advice on how to handle this, I'd welcome any advice or thoughts.


Re: Please help! Phone refusing extended battery
Customer Support

Hi FrustratedFascinate, I can see why you would be frustrated over this issue! The extended battery is a very important accessory to have for a smartphone. First, can you please verify your software version? The last software update for the Fascinate was pushed out several months ago, so I just want to make sure you have the correct version. Go to Settings>About phone>Software to check system and baseband version. Also check for updates.

How long ago did you purchase the extended battery? If still within one year, we may be able to exchange thru warranty.

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