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Policy is apparently here!

So here is another update. I posted the other day about my convo with a rep who was supposed to send me out an Incredible 2 as a replacement for the Fascinate. Imagine my surprise when I received....a Samsung Fascinate!!! Of course I was livid and called up customer service. Here is where it got interesting...I was told no phones were being exchanged for the Fascinate and there were no notes that the convo I had ever happened. So I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told one was not available but he would call me back. Fast forward 30 minutes and I have had enough. I call back and get transferred to a Tech rep named Josh (who is amazingly fantastic btw). Josh listens to my rant then tells me this gem...Samsung has put into place some policy which basically states they are aware they **bleep** up and are covering under warranty several choices for replacements including the Incredible 2, the Droid X2, and surprise surprise the Samsung Charge. I bypassed the Charge simply because although it is a huge upgrade, it is Samsung and I hate to say it but I am DONE with Samsung until they prove themselves capable of handling software! I may regret that decision eventually, but HTC has never done me wrong. So the Incredible 2 has shipped to me (i will believe it when I see it) minus the battery and backplate (they are out due to replacing so many Fascinates). I am attempting to locate a battery and backplate from stores in my area, otherwise they will ship them to me as soon as they become available. I was told I have about three pages of notes on my account documenting this convo in case I have any further issues.Take all this with a grain of salt as info seems to vary greatly by rep...but if you call into customer service ask for tech support then ask about the "policy" Samsung has put into place. Maybe you will get somewhere....

Re: Policy is apparently here!

Thanks, I may need to use this as leverage if I don't get anywhere with my current situation.  Have a blessed day!