Poor Data Connection
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Hey fellas,

I've been trying to connect to a chat specialist for a while now to try and resolve a data connection issue but can't seem to connect to anyone. Anyway here's my issue:

So for the last couple of weeks I've been getting kicked down into 3G speeds for most of my work day. If I do get back into 4G LTE, it's only one bar and it's very very slow. I've check the signal map and it says my connection coverage is excellent but I don't know how often that's refreshed.

Usually I can watch youtube while it being in picture in picture and in another app like Facebook or playing a game and have no connection issues at all. But over the last almost two weeks, it seems like my signal is acting like a battery meter. As soon as multiple apps are actively using the network, it drops the one bar 4G LTE to 3G and over the last week, it'll drop to no connection at all.

I have unlimited data and even when being throttled I would have no issues using multiple apps at once. Even on home wifi my phone is struggling with the aforementioned issue.

Plus whenever I call people or they call me, I either get disconnected or the call drops in and out.

Would this be a hardware/phone issue rather than a network issue?

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Re: Poor Data Connection

call cs on your company phone, 1-800-9220204.

whether 3g or 4g, the best speeds you'll see on the network will be 5-12mbps & can be much slower.