Poor Signal at home Galaxy S7

I've had my Galaxy S9 for about 6 months and over the past 2 days, the connection has been horrible.  The signal will go from 4G and 1 bar, to nothing at all.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why it does this and I can be on a call, where the phone will drop the other participant unexpectedly.  Or I will be talking and they cannot hear me.  My husband is having the same issue as well, where it will drop the signal for no reason. His phone is not even a month old!  If we leave our house by 5 miles, the bar usage goes up to full strength.  Our zip code is 27545.  Can someone please tell me what is going on?

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Re: Poor Signal at home Galaxy S7

you live in a poor/remote reception area if driving 5 miles resolves the issue.

Re: Poor Signal at home Galaxy S7
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Hello raleighgirl77, we're sorry to read about the issues you're having with the service. We know it's vital to stay connected at all times, and we would love to help. This doesn't seem to be a device problem as both are having the same situation. We don't show any alerts, and we see that there are a few cell sites in that location. Has anything changes around your home? Like new buildings, trees, or anything that may interfere with the signal. Do you know if other Verizon customers are having the same problem?