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Poor connection issue sends message "Verizon customer is not available" to callers rather than to VM!
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My phone is my business.  It's the only way I have for clients to reach me to schedule appointments.  Most of my clients are new at this point.  While my latest of 5 replacement phones don't drive me AS crazy with connection issues, it's driving my husband crazy as he daily gets told I'm not available and can't even leave a voicemail (which is usually yelling at me to dump this piece of crap phone).  If he gets that message daily, I wonder how many clients I'm losing from getting the message as well!!  With corporate discounts of 25%, I have still spent over $450 on this phone, all but the screen saver at the Verizon store.  I was given the option of "upgrading" to a Razr last time.  PLEASE!  The CR tried telling me it was newer (don't think so, pretty sure it was on the display right next to my Nexus in Dec), better camera (very debatable, and with much lesser quality screen, who cares about more mp?!), and that I bought my phone 8-9 months ago but it had been available much longer.  Umm, I bought it the week it was released.  I don't think 2 days can be considered "much longer".

I'm going to try the switch to straight CDMA that seems to work for some with connection dropping, because I can't afford clients getting that message (they understand being sent to voicemail if I'm in a session), but... I bought this phone with a price tag of $299, paid another 99 for insurance, screen saver, gel case, extra battery and charger when my first phone port was shot after 7 months waiting for replacement, and luckily haven't bothered w/ screen savers for the weekly replacements or I'd have to add another $100 to the cost.  This is a flagship phone with a flagship starting contract cost, and the best they can do is send out refurbs that have the same issue over and over.  My guess is the turnover is so great they don't go through the normal testing and repairs of typical refurbs.  Take these refurbs off the market when they're returned with bad radio!  I'd consider a GS3, Razr Maxx, or maybe even the upcoming RazrM (though that would def be a downgrade considering the starting cost and we don't know yet of what issues it will have, but I like the size and battery life), though it sucks that I'd be spending another $50 just on case and screen saver.

Anyone else experience the unavailable issue and get it resolved? I'm so tired of calling tech support.  And why can't they just put the phone number right on the "contact us" page like normal companies??

Re: Poor connection issue sends message "Verizon customer is not available" to callers rather than to VM!
Customer Service Rep

I certainly understand the need to have an operable device!  Please DM me your name and mobile number, so I may further assist you.  Thank you!

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