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I'm a long haul truck driver and on April 28, 2020 I went into th TA truck stop in Ontario Ca to upgrade my note 8 to the new note 10 since the phone was starting to have charging issues and I was eligible for a upgrade. I asked if they had the new note 10 in stock. I was told yes, and I asked what memory it had. It had the higher memory 128 I think is what I was told. So I said I would take it. John kept the box upside down the whole time he was changing the phone over so I never saw that it said S10 on the top. I finished up and put the phones in my bag because I still needed to shower and get something to eat and get some sleep. I had a delivery the next morning and couldn't spend any more time than my 10 hour dot break before I had to go again.
The next day I realized that I did not have a note 10 but something else. I had to try a few times to get it to charge properly but then 6 hours later the battery was running low, when I would get a phone call I had to turn the volume back up because it had turned down once I disconnected the previous call. The screen keeps going to sleep on me not long after I wake it up even though I have it set to not do that for 5 minutes. When I get phones calls some time the person can't hear me and I don't hear them. When I am trying to get dock information from a customer this is a big problem.
The day after I got the phone once I parked that evening I called into Verizon and choose the option to have Verizon call me back at a certain time. I chose between 5:30 and 6 pm. I waited and waited but never received a call from Verizon. I had to go to sleep because I had to leave in the morning for my reload. The next day I spent all day loading and finally stopped at my last pick up location at 7:30 pm.
With the time that I had to get from my pick ups to my delivery I had to make specific locations by a certain time so that I could make on time delivery. I did not have time to make any extra stops, and going through Arizona and New Mexico since they have a lot of the COVID-19 out breaks they have closed some towns and are strict about the stay at home.
Once I unloaded that load and headed east for my next load I stopped at the Petro in New Paris OH since they had a Verizon kiosk in it so that I could exchange the phone.
The representative at that kiosk told me that he could not exchange my phone because I got it on the west coast and he is on the east coast, that I needed to go back to where I got it to exchange it. But the good news was instead of just 14 days I have 30 days right now I can do that in.
Well since I do not normally run out west this is a big problem for me. The now 30 days dosen't do me any good.
I then called Verizon customer service and tried to get them to help me once I finally got through to the recording that told me I had to wait for the next available representative and it would be a wait..of course. Well they told me they could not help me that I had to go back to that Verizon kiosk or mail it back to them. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
My dad who I have on my account so that if I need something and don't have the time to take care of it, he can for me called Verizon and spoke with a customer service representative, she told him that a Verizon store in De Pere Wi was connected with the store in California and I could take my phone to them and get an exchange for what I was originally wanting. Also she would note my account so they wouldn't have any questions about what was going on.
I went to that store today, and I was told that they could not do anything for me. Because they were not connected with that other store.
My dad called back and was told that it was ultra mobile that this Verizon kiosk was under and given a customer service number for them. When he called that number he was told they only do sim cards.
He called back to Verizon customer service and was told that I can stop at ANY Petro/Ta truck stop and exchange the phone within the 14 day trial period.
I am now on another tight load because I spent half of my day trying to exchange my phone after I had already started my clock for the day. I don't have the time to stop and be told yet again that I can't be helped.
What I truly do not understand is if I am at a truck stop trying to do something with my phone why am I not told up front that if I have any issues with the phone then I have to come back to them. Because I would not do the transaction then, because I can't guarantee that I can make it back in the time line, and definitely not at one that it was a fluke that as a solo driver I got the run. I had even told the guy that I hadn't been out that way in years it just happened that I got the run, and probably won't get another one that way for a long time if ever.
Next if I am calling into Verizon customer service it should not matter where the phone was purchased I am calling VERIZON CUSTOMER SERVICE, I should be able to be helped no matter what.
I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and I have to say that customer service has gone into to garbage. I'm out here doing my job making sure that groceries get to the wearhouse so they can get to the grocery stores or ingredients that are needed to make to food items get to the plants as quickly as I can. My phone in my life line. I don't go home every day or even every week..I'm out here week after week and haven't been home since the beginning of February. I don't see me getting home any time soon either. I will see a friend's house here and there for 8 to 10 hours, just so I can be in something bigger than a closet.
So how am I supposed to get customer service and get issues fixed when everyone is telling me terrible to be you it's not my problem and I'm not going to help you.

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